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RockShox SID SL Ultimate 3P Suspension Fork – DebonAir+ | Charger Race Day 2 – 29″ | 15x110mm


RockShox SID Ultimate 3P Suspension Fork – DebonAir+ | Charger Race Day 2 – 29″ | 120mm | 15x110mm

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RockShox SID Ultimate 3P Suspension Fork – DebonAir+ | Charger Race Day 2 | Remote Type – 29″ | 120mm | 15x110mm


Product Name: RockShox SID Ultimate 3P Suspension Fork – DebonAir+ | Charger Race Day 2 | Remote Type – 29″ | 120mm | 15x110mm
Manufacturer: RockShox
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB, Cross Country
brake type: Disc Brake
wheel size: 29″ (622mm)
travel fork: 120mm
axle standard: 15x110mm Boost (FW)
Rear Shock/Spring Version: Air Shock
fork/shock adjustability: Air volume, Low speed compression, High speed compression, Mechanical compression damping remote, Low speed rebound, Remote Lockout
fork length (axle to crown): 531mm
stanchion diameter: 35mm
suspension: DebonAir+
damping: Charger Race Day 2
fork offset: 44mm
max tire width: 66mm
Steerer tube Ø: 1 1/8″-1 1/2″ tapered
disc brake mount: PM (7″) 180mm, Postmount
max. disc diameter: 220mm
steerer material: Aluminium
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: black or blue
fork construction: Classic Suspension Fork
weight: 1476g
manufacturer item code: FS-SID-ULT3-D1 | 00.4020.957.002/00.4020.957.003
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Weighed Version: 110mm
Manufacturer page:

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RockShox SID Ultimate 3P Suspension Fork – DebonAir+ | Charger Race Day 2 | Remote Type – 29″ | 120mm | 15x110mm

SID – The XC Fork for Champions and Contenders.

Cross Country racing has never been easy, but modern trails and bikes demand suspensions that can do more than just save a few grams. The SID began to stir up the World Cup back in the 90s and is again reaching for the XC throne in the current generation. They are supported by the revised DebonAir+ suspension, new Charger damping systems and an optimized chassis.

Climbing mountains. Charge descents. In the Ultimate version, the RockShox SID is not only lighter than ever before, the impressive chassis with 35 mm stanchion diameter uncompromisingly holds the line, even when the rider is at the limit. With the innovative Charger Race Day 2 damping, the compression damping can be changed in 3 positions: in addition to the hard-hitting “Lock” and the plush “Open” setting, the efficient “Pedal” function stands out. The voluminous DebonAir+ suspension, which impresses with its suppleness especially at the upper end of the suspension travel, adapts to everything, be it sporty touring or full-throttle XC use.

Technical details of the RockShox SID Ultimate 3P suspension fork

  • suspension: DebonAir+
  • damping: Charger Race Day 2 with 3 compression positions (Open, Pedal, Lock)
  • Remote Type for control by handlebar remote control (sold separately)
  • stanchions: aluminum (Fast Black finish), 35 mm diameter (with tapered inner wall)
  • lowers: magnesium
  • crown: aluminum (forged, hollow), 58 mm outer diameter
  • steerer: aluminum, 1 1/8″ – 1 1/2″ diameter (Tapered)
  • installation dimension: 15 x 110 mm Boost (Maxle Stealth thru axle)
  • screw-in Torque Cap adapter
  • brake disc diameter: min. 180 mm / max. 220 mm
  • tire width: max. 66 mm
  • tire diameter: max. 758 mm

The magic number. Cross Country is all about efficiency, because efficiency means control. And more control in turn means more options. For these provide the Charger dampers with the “3-Position” system (3P), which allows you to switch between the “Open”, “Lock” and “Pedal” setting during the race. Extensive tests, in which the XC champ Nino Schurter was also involved, have shown that especially the “Pedal” function offers advantages in Cross Country use. While the “Lock” position plays its strengths in fast starts and sprints as well as on longer climbs on dirt roads, the “Open” setting is intended for the demanding descents of today’s XC trails. The “Pedal” function is dedicated to the terrain in between, combining efficiency with comfort, traction and control to tackle tough climbs or fast, flowy Singletracks.

Pump up the volume. The SID has already made a name for itself as an XC fork that likes it a little rougher. And with the DebonAir+ suspension it is even more tunable than ever before. Whether it’s a tighter setup or a more comfortable ride, the pressure adjustment makes a noticeable difference in mid-stroke support. Regardless of the setting, the smooth feel in the upper range is not lost, nor is maximum use of the suspension travel compromised. More traction, control and comfort make the SID unbeatable on any track or trail.

Stronger than ever. The current SID suspension forks not only feature longer stanchions to increase the volume of the positive and negative air spring chambers to offer virtually limitless tunability. Lengthening the stanchions also allows the upper and lower bushings to overlap completely, which means less friction and longer durability. No less impressive is the lightweight fork crown machined from aluminum. This crowning achievement ensures that the SID remains beautifully slim without compromising steering precision. The final touch is a special mixture of the well-known Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube exclusively developed for the current SID model series. Created in collaboration with the leading experts in high performance lubrication, the gold medal formula not only keeps the chassis fresher for longer, but also ensures smooth operation of internal components at all temperatures.

DebonAir+ | A key requirement to improve the suspension was additional air volume. The DebonAir+ system provides 50 % more negative volume and 16 % more positive volume, changing the spring characteristics to help each rider find the perfect setup for their riding style and current terrain. While a 10 psi reduction in air pressure benefits comfort, 10 psi more provide better support. Initial suspension travel is also noticeably smoother, thanks to a larger negative air volume and a new Top-Out spring. The steel spring is used in place of a rubber buffer and provides comfort as well as traction at the start of compression.

Maxima Plush Dynamic | The Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube is characterized by its friction-reducing effect. In addition, the lubricant convinces with properties that not only extend the durability of the fork, but also improve its performance.

Scope of supply:

suspension fork incl. mudguard, star nut and thru axle
(without handlebar remote control)

Additional information

Weight 1476 g

blue crush, gloss black


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