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ENVE SES 4.5 Carbon Rim Set 700c Front & Rear | 24 Holes


ENVE G-Series Gravel G23 Rim Set 700c Front & Rear | 24 Holes

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ENVE SES 6.7 Carbon Rim Set 700c Front & Rear | 24 Holes


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Product name

ENVE SES 6.7 Carbon Rim Set 700c

Front/ Rear


Weight 430g / 449g
Hole Count 24H
Material Carbon
Usage bikesport Road
Brake type Disc Brake
Wheel size 700C
Tire type Tubeless Ready Only
ERD- effective rim Ø 538mm / 526mm
Max Pressure @ Min tire size. PSI / Bar 90 / 6.2
Rim Depth 60mm / 67mm
Rim Width (External / Internal) 30mm / 23mm
Aero Optimized Tire Size 28mm
Minimum Tire Size 25mm
Tubeless Rim Tape width 26.5mm
Rim type Clincher (clincher and folding)
Offset 0 mm (symmetric)
Color Black

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ENVE SES 6.7 Carbon Rim Set 700c Front & Rear | 24 Holes

The 4th generation SES lineup brings the exciting new deep section SES 6.7. Beyond the 70mm depth, aero efficiency rapidly tapers off and the additional weight quickly begins to neutralize the marginal aero gains that the deeper rim provides. These are the lessons of more than a decade pursuing the ultimate Real-World Fast aero wheelset. Letting experience, CFD, and the wind tunnel guide engineering to the sweet spot of aerodynamics, weight, and stability creating a wheelset that goes head-to-head in the wind tunnel with the very best time trial and triathlon wheels on the market. Couple that with an impressively light sub-1500 gram weight, superior stability, along with a high-volume design, and you end up with a wheelset that defines Real World-Fast. The SES 6.7 has been aerodynamically optimized around a labeled 27mm tire since data shows unequivocally that in real-world riding conditions, a higher volume tire provides more speed, confidence, and control. As such, ENVE developed the SES 27 tire to be the high-volume race tire for the modern road cyclist. Featuring a 23mm internal rim width, the SES 6.7 can be paired with a 25mm tire, but for those wanting to decrease rolling resistance and maximize speed, a 27mm-28mm tire is the optimal labeled tire width.

This rim is intended for the rear wheel. Together with the optionally available SES 6.7 front 60 mm rim, they are an unbeatable pair. According to the manufacturer, they should only be ridden tubeless.

ENVE products are engineered in the USA and manufactured to the highest quality standards at our Utah headquarters. The developers have many years of experience with the use of carbon in the field of cycling and know what requirements a top product like these carbon rims must meet. At ENVE, everything is done to use the advantages of carbon and eliminate its disadvantages. Stiff and extremely light rims were developed in which all fibers can run without interruption, which corresponds to the best possible utilization of the material strengths. This principle has been perfected in the spoke holes, in which continuous fiber strands form the mount for the spoke nipples. Aluminum inserts, which are common with other carbon rims, can therefore be dispensed with during production. This reduces the weight and at the same time allows significantly higher spoke tensions, which in turn allow the construction of stiffer wheels.

ENVE grants a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee on the first ownership of its products.
Visit our Custom ENVE Handbuilt Wheelset Configurator – ROAD – GRAVEL – CX  page to configure your ENVE wheels exactly the way you want!

Additional information

Weight 430 g


inner width



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